Lecture Series

Forensic Medicine Lectures

  1. History of Forensic Medicine and Forensic Sciences
  2. Postmortem Changes and Estimation of Time Since Death
  3. Sudden Unexpected and Natural Deaths
  4. Wounds and Injury Interpretation
  5. Forensic Aspects of Blunt Force Injuries
  6. The Use of Forensic Autopsies in Medico-legal Death
  7. Forensic Aspects of Traffic Fatalities
  8. DNA, Trace and Physical Evidence and Coroner/Medical Examiner in Death Scene Investigation
  9. Inquiry and Death in Childhood
  10. Forensic Aspects of Sharp Force Injuries
  11. Forensic Aspects of Gunfire Injuries
  12. Introduction to Forensic Aspects of Anthropology and Entomology
  13. Asphyxial Deaths
  14. Electrical Deaths
  15. Drug Related Deaths
  16. Fire Injuries and Deaths and Arson Investigation
  17. Bodies Recovered from Water
  18. Genetic and Paternity Testing
  19. Medico-legal Aspects of Alcohol
  20. Sexual Offenses
  21. Medical Evidence
  22. Ethics, Medicine, and the Law
  23. Deaths in Custody
  24. Forensic Psychiatry

Forensic Science Lectures

  1. Fingerprints
  2. Physical Match and Identification Techniques in Forensic Sciences
  3. Forensic Serology and DNA
  4. Paints
  5. Fibers
  6. Drug Analysis
  7. Firearms and Ballistics
  8. Laboratory Instruments and Techniques in Forensic Sciences
  9. Statistical Analysis in Forensic Sciences
  10. Crime Scene and Physical Evidence
  11. Internship and Project (2 weeks) Police Crime Laboratory Physical Evidence and Identification
  12. Seminars in Forensic Sciences (2 weeks)

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