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Nebraska Institute of Forensic Sciences, Inc. In Cooperation with Lagos State University College of Medicine, Lagos Nigeria M. Med. Sci. (Forensic Medicine).

In addition, Nebraska Institute of Forensic Sciences, INC. is currently assisting Albany State University, Albany, GA in it's forensic science programs leading to Associate degree or Bachelor of Science (B.S.) or Master’s degree (M.S.) in Forensic Science. The students and graduates of these degree programs have never had opportunity to participate in internships which will augment their coursework. They have also never been exposed to the real world of forensic science and forensic medicine. The Nebraska Institute of Forensic Sciences, Inc. in collaboration with the other educational institutions will provide these very much needed internships that will encompass a full semester for the students. Their internship will involve: didactic lectures in forensic science and forensic medicine; rotation at the forensic autopsies; rotation with forensic anthropologist; rotation at the Nebraska State Crime Laboratory in the special areas of ballistics, DNA analysis, toxicology and drug testing, hair and fiber analysis. The students will also have at least two (2) weeks rotation at the Allegheny County Coroner’s Office with Dr. Cyril H. Wecht, and also two (2) weeks of rotation at the State of Connecticut Crime Laboratory, CT under the mentorship of Dr. Henry C. Lee. It is planned that the Nebraska Institute of Forensic Sciences, Inc. will take at least two (2) students per semester for the internship. The Institute will solicit for grants and donations to pay for these students to perform these internships. The students will be fully registered at Albany State University for the entire semester they are training in Lincoln, Nebraska.


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